UPDATE (x2): We won! For more information visit the Jewish Futures Conference site or watch the video on YouTube.

UPDATE: We have submitted our video for the Jewish Futures Competition!  Thank you to everyone for your insightful comments.  Please keep commenting on our vision and the video itself either here or on YouTube.

Recently, BJENY-SAJES together with JESNA’s Lippman Kanfer Institute announced a competition that provided the opportunity for anyone to share their ideas about how to shape the Jewish educational landscape of the 21st century. Asking individuals to submit a four minute video about their vision for the future of Jewish learning, they promised that the creators of the winning videos would be brought to New Orleans with all expenses paid to speak at the Jewish Futures Conference.

Naturally we had to apply.

We thought in addition to simply preparing our video, we wanted to model some of the ideas and values we believe are essential for the future of Jewish Education:

  • Open, Discoverable & Accessible
  • Remixable
  • Meaningful and Relevant
  • Community Building

With this in mind and in the name of openness, collaboration and community, we’d love your help to fine tune our ideas.  Please take a look at our ideas document by following the link on the left (under the “table of contents” tab).  Comment on what you like, what you don’t like, what we’ve missed and what could use some work.  We welcome your comments on our statement, and on the video once we get it posted.


Charlie & Russel